Last Week…my red bottom…Curfew violation

We would love to get to know anybody who is into this lifestyle…there is no one in Australia into domestic discipline
Sir is very concerned that I et through this degree and that I do not spoil my chances. As you can see he has a firm hand! He knows how to deal with naughty girls and is finally giving me the boundaries I need…the past week I have done all of my homework and got great comments from my tutor. I am so grateful for Sir. He even has me attending kung fu classes with him…for the discipline…(yuck)

Diary of a creatively cheeky brat

Throughout my entire life ive had it quite easy and carefree, nobody in my family ever disciplined me as a child or a teenager as well as even nowadays as a young adult. I was quite a cheeky and naughty growing up and still contain many of these characteristics as a young adult. The harshest punishment I ever received growing up was either being sent to my room or being banned from watching television for the night. Nowadays As a University student my family don’t even discipline me at all and have become more easygoing than ever

As a kid and a teen I would very often play up extensively in both primary and high school, I was always bored shitless during my school years so I had to constantly find different ways to entertain myself along with my friends to make it as interesting as possible, by that always doing the wrong thing. Thankfully corporal punishment had been long banned since i started school otherwise i’d probably be receiving it on a daily basis, particularly in my early teen years, and the fact that I had been attending an all girls Catholic private school. Growing up at school I would often be rude and disrespectful to many of the teachers that I disliked, always answering back, outsmarting them and overall being a cheeky smartarse brat.

Apart from being a naughty disrespecting schoolgirl to many of my teacher, I also found many creative ways (Being a creative music composer, but more on that later) usually on a daily basis to entertain myself along with my school friends. So far some of things I remember doing were:

– Using Hulahoops and sports cones as a frisbee and throwing them on to the PE rooms roof
– Throwing bins high up into trees so they’s get stuck up there days on end until the groundskeep would take them down before doing it all over again
– Hiding behind the stairs barrier and throwing an apple core at the headmaster
– Standing on top of toilets in the girls bathroom and graffitiing the bathroom ceiling with permanent marker, often writing things about teachers we hated, such as: ‘Miss Green sucks’ or ‘Miss Green can go fuck herself’
– Texting in class, whilst hiding the phone under the desk (Cmon who didnt do that?)
– Waiting at the top of the stairs for students from the stereotypical slutty, bitchy group to walk through, then pouring either cordial or water onto their heads before running away and laughing uncontrollably at the same time.
Constantly writing on desks such as ‘tick if bored’ in the classes that were extremely boring then coming back next lesson to find 10 or more ticks on the desk.
– Constantly playing Knock and run on the staffroom door, then laughing uncontrollably when a teacher would walk out and get extremely annoyed that nobody is there.
– Throwing bins high up in tall tree so they would get stuck up there for days on end, forcing the teachers to take them out themselves, then doing it all over againto throwing sports equipment onto the roof
– Shoving toiletpaper down the toilet using a baseball bat, then flushing the toilet it would get blocked
– Bringing toy plastic guns to school then pointing them to teachers heads and shooting them, then laughing saying ‘hahahah I shot you sir, ur dead, sucked in’
– Using a compass and engraving rude/swear words onto the desks and onto the sewing machines in the technology rooms
– Wetting toiletpaper with water then throwing them onto the ceiling in the girls bathroom which would get stuck there forever, then forcing the teachers to clean them off themselves. a haha

Oh lord so much trouble was always always happened in the girls bathroom and always as a group. Whatever trouble that was to be caused in the girls bathroom was NEVER to be done alone. I repeat NEVER!. Again some of the things we did were:
– We would be cheeky smartarses and sometimes prevent people from using the toilets alltogether. Occasionally we would Skip class and head into the large girls bathroom, we then walked into each of the cubicles and locked the cubial door, then we would climb onto the toilet and get over the barrier into the next cubical and lock that door aswell. We would repeat this same process until EVERY SINGLE cubical in the bathrooms were locked Preventing EVERYBODY from using the toilets altogether.

– Sneaking into the storeroom after class and taking tubs from the high shelves which contained heavy textbooks and files, then flipping the tub upside down whilst holding the bottom of the tub to prevent the textbooks from falling out, before putting it back into the shelf upside down. Then when teacher would come back to the classroom and pull the tub from the shelf all of the textbooks and files would fall all over the floor.
– throwing textures and permanent markers at revolving fans which would then cause ink to fly everywhere and go all over the desks.

oh god so many library memories as well. The library was probably one of the most fun and interesting places to cause trouble and be a brat. Some of the things we used to do in the library were things like:
– if we ever found a group of students we didnt like (they were usually students from the bitchy, popular group) we would find them sitting in between bookshelves, we would then stand on the other side of the bookshelf then push several books off the bookshelves onto their heads before quickly running away and laughing like a bunch of maniac hyenas.
– We also often in between the bookshelves and eat our lunch in the library, then often if I had a yogurt that i didnt eat i would open the yogurt and pour some underneath the bookshelves and then place a library book on top of it. I would then come back next week to find the book has been glued to the carpet from the dried up yogurt.

Some of the accidents, although they were accidents I thought id still include them because some are pretty funny.

Although as much as I did have fun in higschool being brat, I didnt enjoy any of the academic subjects, often slacking off severely and not completing homework. Though this was only for academic subjects and not creative subjects such as music or photography in which I did very well at. I was constantly put on afternoon detentions for the things I did, I would reveive a letter in the mail stating that I had received and afternoon detention but luckily because I was always the first to arrive home for the day I would take the letter, rip it up and throw it away before my parents came home. I was quite lucky to get away with so much, i rarely attend the afternoon detentions and got away with quite a lot. After graduating high school in 2011, I Started my music degree the following year in 2012 at college. Though I dont do the majority of the things I did in my school years I still hold the tendency of lack of discipline.

Some of things i have done so far at University (though none of it compares to my randomass wild times in school i have still committed the following such as:
– Not completing homework for my major study one time more than twice in in a row
– Handing assignments in late due to my pathetic and shitty bitty time management
– skipping several classes classes
– Turning up so fucken extremely drunk to tutorials (especially this trimester) and disrupting the entire class several times and calling out
– Constantly getting distracted in lectures and laughing to my friends beside me or texting other students in the same lecture as me,
– Over borrowing library books and keeping them for months on end and never paying for heavy overdue fees even after continuous emails, letters and phone calls.
– Cheating in an exam by being a sneaky smartarse and writing the answers on my arm, then wearing a jacket to cover the answers on my arm until i got into the actual exam room.

Though i have matured as iv gotten older, I still dont feel like an adult and still lack discipline in my life but more so in my education. Lucky ducky for me During the end of my first year at college I met a mentor/teacher who I currently address as ‘sir’. Sir took me in hand and is currently teaching/mentoring me throuhout my univerity studies. Sir will give me a number of expectations and rules that I must follow throughout my studies such as having a strict bedtime curfew on a school night, to practsing the piano for at least half an hour each night and most importantly completing homework on time. If I do disobey any rules Sir will give me a demerit, if i recieve 5 demerits within a week, sir will give me hard corporal punishment. The first time Sir punished me I received several long hard spankings over the knee, strapping and ever so light caning with a shitty bamboo stick (I still have yet to feel the wrath of a real cane, if i misbehave again). The first time I received corporal punishment was for two reasons 1: not completing my weekly homework for university and 2: Being punished for all the naughty things I got away with in school. It was over half an hour of just hard spanking and boy was my bottom sore for the next few days, however it helped me improve my attitude towards my work and made me work harder and do a much better job than previous times, as i managed to strongly impress my tutor marking my homework.
The very next week I was unfortunate enough to receive 5 demerits within the week, for turning up extremely drunk to class, constantly talking and texting during class, and not going to bed at curfew and once again recieved a hard spanking from Sir on my bare bottom and this time with the paddle.
Sir threatened that if i misbehaved again I’ll receive a hard caning, so far it hasnt reached that point but if it does i’ll be sure to post the experience.
Sir has always been strict with me but fair at the same time, which is what I need as a university student if i am to perform to the best of my ability.

Thanks for reading, will keep posted!

A much needed change

Hi welcome to a diary about me and my mentor’s caring discipline.I am a 19 year old girl at uni in Australia. I have a cheeky nature. I have never had boundaries and consequences growing up. I have met a guide who has started to take me in hand and mentor me throughout my uni studies. I will post more later:)