Troubles in School & University

Okay so you guys know I’m currently 19 studying for a music degree at university

During my school years I was always rude and disrespectful to many of the teachers I disliked, always back chatting, outsmarting them and being extremely cheeky about it, but it was beyond entertaining

Apart from being a bratty back chatter, I always tried to find creative ways to be naughty and troublesome often with my one or two of my friends.

Here iv written a list of he many different ways I broke the rules and caused trouble in school and university

Trouble in  High school:

– Using Hulahoops and sports cones as a frisbee and frisbeeing them on to the PE rooms roof

– Throwing bins high up into trees so they would get stuck up there days on end until the groundskeeper would take them down before himself then doing it all over again

– Hiding behind the stairs barrier and throwing an apple core at the headmasters feet

– Hiding behind the same stair barriers and throwing orange peels at a group of slutty/bitchy students. Note: I was extremely unlucky during that time as the headmaster walked out of the staffroom at that precise moment and saw me, and I was then forced to endure a long loud shouting alone in his office (terrifying).

– Texting in class, whilst hiding the phone under the desk (Cmon who didnt do that?) I’m a noughties kid

– Waiting at the top of the stairs for students (often from the stereotypical slutty, bitchy group) to walk through, then pouring either cordial or water onto their heads before running away and laughing uncontrollably. (Indeed of my troubles often revolved around waiting at the top of stairs)

– Constantly writing on desks in english and Maths such as: ‘tick if bored’ then coming back next lesson to find 10 or more ticks on the desk.

– Constantly playing Knock and run on the staffroom door, then laughing our heads off when a teacher would walk out and get extremely annoyed that nobody was there.

– Throwing bins high up in tall tree so they would get stuck up there for days on end, forcing the teachers to take them out themselves

– Using a compass and engraving rude/swear words onto the desks and onto the sewing machines in the technology rooms

Girls Bathroom Troubles

God the girls bathroom was probably the best place to cause trouble partly because trouble in the girls bathroom was always done as a group and that you would never get caught.

Occasionally We found it extremely humourous to prevent students from peeing or using the toilets all together,

occasionally we would skip class and head into the large girls bathroom. We would walk into each cubicle and lock the door, we then would climb onto the toilet tank to get over the barrier without unlocking the cubical door. We repeated this this process until EVERY SINGLE cubical in the bathroom were locked from the inside, Preventing EVERYBODY from using the toilets altogether.
We found this exceptionally humourous especially when people would complain that there going to pee their pants due to all the toilets being locked!

Other things Committed in the Girls Bathroom:

– Wet toilet paper with water then throw it onto the ceiling in the girls bathroom (which would get stuck there forever, forcing the teachers or groundskeeper to clean it off themselves.

– Shoving toiletpaper down the toilet using a baseball bat, then flushing the toilet so it would get blocked

– Standing on top of toilets in the girls bathroom and graffitiing the bathroom ceiling with permanent marker, often writing things about teachers we hated, such as: ‘Miss Green sucks’ or ‘Miss Green can go fuck herself’

TROUBLESOME library stories

Many library troubles as well. My attitude managed to find it’s way into the land of books.

If we ever found a group of students we disliked (usually nasty students from the bitchy, popular group) we would sometimes find them sitting in between bookshelves, upon this we would then go to the opposite side of the bookshelf and push several books off the shelves, to fall onto the students heads.

One time we sat in between the bookshelves in the library to eat out lunch. I had a yogurt that I didnt end up eating, so I opened the yogurt and poured it underneath the bookshelves and then placed a library book on top of it. I came back next week to find the book has been glued to the carpet due to the dried up yogurt. (Actually I think I may have done this one more than once)

Primary School Brattitude (fuck yea)

– Sneaking into the storeroom after class and taking tubs from the high shelves which contained heavy textbooks and files, then flipping the tub upside down whilst holding the bottom of the tub to prevent the textbooks from falling out, before putting it back into the shelf upside down. Then when teacher would come back to the classroom and pull the tub from the shelf all of the textbooks and files would fall all over the floor.

– Throwing permanent markers at revolving fans which would then cause ink to fly everywhere and go all over the desks.

– Bringing a toy plastic gun to school then pointing to a dicky teachers head and shooting it, then laughing saying ‘hahahah I shot you sir, ur dead, sucked in’

I always slacked off in my  academic subjects in school and was constantly put on detention, being sent to the headmasters office or receiving in school suspensions for my brattiness and wrong-doing, despite getting away with a lot at the same time. had corporal punishment still been around I probably would have had an extremely sore arse.

After graduating high school in 2011, I Started my music degree the following year in 2012 at college. Though I dont do the majority of the things I did in my school years I still lack discipline overall.

University Naughtiness (current), though not nearly as naughty as school, but still…

–  Not completing homework for my major study one time more than twice in in a row

– Handing assignments in late due to my pathetic and shitty bitty time management
– skipping several classes classes

– Turning up so fucken extremely drunk to tutorials (especially this trimester) and disrupting the entire class several times and calling out

– Constantly getting distracted in lectures and laughing to my friends beside me or texting other students in the same lecture as me

– Over borrowing library books and keeping them for months on end and never paying for heavy overdue fees even after continuous emails, letters and phone calls.

– Cheating in an exam by  writing the answers on my arm, then wearing a jacket to cover the answers on my arm until i got into the actual exam room.

Despite being a university student i still don’t hold enough responsibility in my studies or life, which is what my teacher/mentor is there for to watch over me, help me and discipline me when he has to.

Thanks for reading, more to come


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